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Town of Deerfield Municipal Budget Hearing Minutes

January 16th, 2013 · News Items, Town Issues


Minutes of January 9, 2013

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SB 2 or Town Meeting?

April 14th, 2012 · DTA Opinion

by Harriet Cady

As one of the original Founders of the law which gave us SB 2, I read with interest Brandon O’Donnell’s comments on Town Meeting.

As one of the young generation Brandon quotes a professor as Democracy being the widest amount of voters being able to take part in their government. SB 2 allows that to happen. Unfortunately we cannot force people to take part and so we had in my opinion town/school district meetings mostly attended by the employees (250 on average of voters in the gym) who had a special interest or by the open vote, intimidating some to not show opposition to their pet project. A moderator who by innuendo and tone of voice insulted those who dared to oppose. Even once refusing to do a recount of a secret ballot and telling the requester (me) that I had to pay $15 and then later telling me that he had read the law wrong and so no recount would be held.

Did that feel like Democracy to me? No it felt unfair. I have never felt fairly treated by the present moderator and so have to live with the best I can get, SB 2 which allows me at least a say in what I want to pay in taxes for governmental agencies.

It is interesting that we elect our congress and president by the direct ballot that happens with Democracy but when it comes to the same democracy in town government it is judged as wrong by those who want to pack/load the town government meeting where they say if a person can’t attend to vote the budget well we make it our priority.

I would love to have a debate with those for the Democracy of a town meeting versus a Deliberative session.

I suggest Brandon go to and read up what some of our Founders of government meant by Democracy.

Democrat or Republican the average citizen likes being able to vote on their town budget and can now do so with an absentee ballot or if in the service of their country. SB 2 allows for the most votes and for those who vote just on the cost to vote the determination of what they feel they can afford in taxes.

Harriet E. Cady
P.O. Box 149
Deerfield, N.H. 03037-0149

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Town Meeting Results 2012

March 14th, 2012 · School Issues, Town Issues

DEERFIELD – Voters turned down the proposed town and school district operating budgets. Voters opted instead for a default town budget of $3,349,890 and a default school district budget of $11,793,352.

The town operating budget failed by a vote of 425–592 and the school district operating budget failed by a 511–524 vote.

Voters also reelected Stephen Barry to the board of selectmen. One position for a three year term was up for election.

Barry surpassed Harriet Cady with a 658-339 vote.

Maryann Clark and Debra Kelley were overwhelmingly elected to the two available school board positions. Clark received 667 votes and Kelley received 650. Candidates Jim Deely and Timothy Godbois received 225 and 181 votes respectively.

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